Sunday, August 7, 2011

Strawberry Red - by Jocelyn Shaw

Strawberry Red
 Romance became the topic
Of Lady Madame and Eve
moonlight twinkled
On her secret of honey
From dusted shoulders
And powdered face
Walked in and straight up to Ebony
An embodied twist and sway
As the air carried
the scent of perfume
Echoing by his glance to her
Shawl, wrapped and misplaced
Around her waist
Ebony laced in ole time silk and bare chest
Romance on his face
Smile as fresh as the melon
And rounded strawberry lips
Set she with once glance
Igniting the coldest smooth vocabulary
Between the two
A story awaiting the filmmaker's dream
A movie familiar as
"Gone with the Wind'
while hot musk arose
in the background of Two
conversing and standing
as if they were two sculptured pieces of ice
intertwined in a love scene
that began to melt from red heat
afire from the touch of selected vocabulary
sweetly chosen
on a stroll out from a hue of city shadow
that embraced the two
before delicate skin
touched cheek and shoulder
lips even softer than around
the sound that came
from Ebony's lip
sounds of rose petals falling
red as the blush on her cheeks
as she left...

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