Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spoken word poetry label - Jocelyn Shaw

Spoken word poetry from classic to urban still remains the lyrical arts globally. Most of our listening pleasures are choregraphed with the calligraphy of music videos and songs without understanding that there is a real poet that makes for the foundation and blueprint of words, style and performance. Poetry unabridged, classic to urban, is our label and artistic balance of artists, talent and literary arts. Poet’s Corner is the premier artist community. There is currently an audience in the arts community that still loves to hear the poet stanzas of such historical art forms such as Maya Angelou, Zora Neal Hurston and many more dating back to the Harlem Renaissance/ Snap. Snap. Snap. Lights Dim and low music toast Poets on the Mic. Welcome to Poet’s Corner Unabridged!

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