Saturday, August 6, 2011

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It’s a French Affair for Spellbound the newest release in
Jocelyn Shaw’s Collection
Sentiments,. Sentiments. Sentiments and lots of them!

Translated verses are available with the release of Spellbound. The classics from the first round of prints are now available on T-shirts, cards, CD and digital media. The artistry is transcending to new heights with expected new collaborations. The advent of including a part of the proceeds from cards, books and CD sales to Arts in Medicine launched in 2011 and is a wonderful addition to many more charitable events and contributions by other auteurs and media producers in the publishing business.

We We! We are sailing out on the Love Boat for this one and
it’s still hot, hot, hot. Take a look at the Fan Club products and join in the 2011 book Tour, lots of promotion for the author this year end is expected and the final release of Black Harlequin is the reigning expectation!

The goal is to have the cards and more translated and published into more than seven languages and lots of prints for the lover in you by 2012.
If we didn’t do it for you with Behind the Velvet, the premier to French expectations in literary poetic accomplishments, it’s certainly delivered in the craftsmanship found between the lines in Spellbound-
“You Put A Spell On Me…” and now it’s out.

Check the entire blog for excerpts and new poetry releases, tour locations and dates.

We ,,,We ,,,We!  You Hot-ten-Tots

Fundraising Opportunity

"My husband and I were the fortunate winners of the raffle. We had an incredible time [overseas] and we owe it all to the tour group staff. They were flexible, responsive, accommodating, professional and above all kind and understanding."
-Mary Roth

Encore's Fantastic Fundraiser

We're so committed to getting your group abroad that we give you a free trip to get them there! Use this trip to raffle off in your community, offer as a prize at another fundraiser... you choose!

We give you, at no cost, a five-day trip to Paris for two including: roundtrip airfare, 3 nights hotel accommodations in Paris and breakfast daily (all taxes included). We even guarantee a winner from your community; winners will travel over Martin Luther King or Veterans Day weekends.*
There's no limit to how much you can raise! Get started early and make sure you don't leave anyone behind.
Raffle not enough? Check out other fundraising suggestions from ACIS that help our groups get abroad. And don't forget we offer scholarships as well!
*To qualify for the Fantastic Fundraiser, groups traveling on an international trip must register 30 or more participants. For all groups traveling within the US or Canada who register 30 or more participants, Encore will provide two domestic airline tickets (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) to raffle with a maximum value of $900 total.

I. Collect Funds Electronically

Collecting money door-to-door is so 1990s. Collect money from the comfort of your home computer with ChipIn. ChipIn allows anyone to create their own fundraising web page or widget to collect money for a personal cause, a group purchase, or general fundraising. You can send along your ChipIn URL to friends and family or create a widget to post on some of the most popular social networking sites around

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