Thursday, October 3, 2013

Poetry Landmarks & Poets Archieve Link & Poem Posters sold at the London Transport Museum shop, which also sells copies of the poem posters.
Discover what’s going on poetically in a state by using the pull down menu, clicking a state on the map of the U.S., or adding a state’s postal abbreviation to the website’s base url, for example: State entries list:
  • the poet laureate;
  • featured poets;
  • literary organizations and centers;
  • literary journals and small presses;
  • poetic history;
  • poems about the state;
  • readings series,
  • conferences, and literary festivals; and,
  • writing programs and colonies.

Poems on the Underground was launched in 1986. The programme was the idea of American writer Judith Chernaik, who wanted to bring poetry to a wider audience
Poems are displayed on posters in 3,000 advertising spaces in train carriages across London, and are usually changed three times a year. They are selected by Judith Chernaik, together with poets Cicely Herbert and Gerard Benson