Saturday, September 1, 2018

Excerpt Black Harlequin- Done Done It For Once (You Didn't Think I'd Say It-What You Won't Say Someone Will

Hours of your pleasure tease
We bend the edges
turn the pages
Hide the remorse of verses that creep up on us in the day
Just over the top I peek and look away
from the dirty lines and fridget nervous proposals
To enter the night alone through my glasses,
With my stand up
Stockings Up
Made Up
A breeze on my ass left from...

Just teasing looks & body talk
You didn't act on & left me Lonely

So I took it home & pondered about it
I came Up with a few ringers
A few answers of my own
That concluded what you started...I

The Teaser
left me on a trail like the movie The Hitchhiker

Catching the breeze of your ...
& Sexy

So I wiped my top lip with my index finger across the plain of my thoughts
Maybe it could happen
So what it lingered
It was just the ride
A hitchhiker right?
Me or you
Or did you say something?

Just over the top I peek and look away...

-Jocelyn Shaw

EXCERPTS FROM BLACK HARLEQUIN POETRY & ROMANCE A UNIQUE ROMANCE IN WRITING Heat wrapped around The airey legged night. The turmoils of bare and empty loneliness, warmed her bosom, opening her eyes into a darkness across the room, remaining inside was what the lit the room enough only to be ...Gentled by the flicker of burning on into the night… the shades caught the breeze lifting each one on a slight wave up and down … As the morning introduced… ... ...she opened the flower of the collar and chased her feminine scarf of a woman’s neckline with the close of his fantasies or remembrances of the last time a woman untied his tie with dante hands of femininity, nights before his profession buttoned.. She pinned her hair under his brim then polished her hairline Looking into his reflection to see him again… ... Stranger the two not together, unparalleled, was like never meeting only it to reminded me of how much I missed you to see into a reflection and feel my own breathe still breathing heavily from the cascading hands, hours passing over and over (Poetry link -

What if we walked outside and there were no clouds
No rain to wash the tears away
No hail
To say Dann I miss everything in the days you filled my day
What if the empty sky just was quiet and the
Everything stood still
Inside me
Inside you
And there's no more blue sky's to melt away the storm
What if we walked outside and the clouds were gone that used to hide all the imperfections
Inside you
Inside me

"Could you learn to love somebody?"

all over again
all over from the beginning
Day 1
Beginnings are meant to be beautiful
So let's begin by painting the clouds
This 1 is Love
& It's for you
Day 2
This 1 is for all the rainy days, the blue rained down on you
Day 3
I Reveal to you
Clouds that cover you in joy
Day 4
Every storm in your lonely days
I paint the most beautiful
times I shared with you
Clouds to cover us

all over again
all over from the beginning
inside of You
inside of Me

clouds touch
and weave until they wrap together
the love & joy that fills the heart

What if we walked outside and there were no clouds
of yesterday, just the ones we left behind
falling in love
all over again

-Jocelyn Shaw

¿Qué pasa si caminamos afuera y no hay nubes?

Sin lluvia para lavar las lágrimas

Sin granizo

Para decir Dann, extraño todo en los días que llenaste mi día

¿Qué pasa si el cielo vacío solo estaba en silencio y el

Todo se detuvo

Dentro de mí

Dentro de ti

Y no hay más cielo azul para derretir la tormenta

¿Qué pasa si caminamos afuera y las nubes desaparecieron que solían ocultar todas las imperfecciones?

Dentro de ti

Dentro de mí

"¿Podrías aprender a amar a alguien?"

todo de nuevo

todo desde el principio

Día 1

Los comienzos están destinados a ser hermosos

Comencemos pintando las nubes

Este 1 es amor

& Es para ti

Dia 2

Este 1 es para todos los días lluviosos, el azul llovió sobre ti

Día 3

Te revelo

Nubes que te cubren de alegría

Día 4

Cada tormenta en tus días solitarios

Yo pinto el más bello

veces que he compartido contigo

Nubes para cubrirnos

todo de nuevo

todo desde el principio

dentro de ti

dentro de mi

nubes tocan

y tejer hasta que se envuelvan

el amor y la alegría que llena el corazón

¿Qué pasa si caminamos afuera y no hay nubes?

de ayer, solo los que dejamos atrás


todo de nuevo

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Apart "When time doesn’t stand without you" Part II

...I’d remember all the times, falling in between the lines was like rewriting
the first time, I’d remember everything you wanted me to remember about you
and for the days of tomorrow, promises on the lips of  another kiss

When the days ran long and I couldn’t see
only now I’d remember
More than words could describe you
when I promised tomorrow that first I’d remember, that first time lost in emotion it was
because of you...


Monday, January 29, 2018

In the same place at the same time
I got secrets starring you
Better said than done...
You know it's true
You found my catalog
Your numbers in it
5x7 too
Telling all about you
A Roll.B-Side
Starring you
I got footage you stepping to
In the same place at the same time
Missing hours you claiming
Expose's missing on your resume
In the same place at the same time
Missing on your resume
Solo lines you hide behind
Just ain't how we see it
Private eyes
Lost and found
A-Notes, Accapella.
"Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For"
Richie-Dynasty and Carrol
Carrolling in the dust
You moved on up the water, waterfalls behind it all

I got secrets
Starring You
Was there seen it all
But I'm not the one you call for you PI.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I Feel. As You Do.

I feel.
As you do.
I touch
It's your VooDoo
Still wearing you
I feel.
As you do.
Can't breathe
Without you.
As you do.
I feel
If it's all of you
I was apart of it too
If it wasn't
As you do
Without you
It couldn't
I feel.
As you do

Lay down
As you do.
As you do.
As you do.

I feel.
As You do.

Caress me
As you do.
All of you.

Call me
Feel me
As you do

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ain't No Secret Ugly, Ain't Nothing Pretty 'Bout The Truth

Ain't no secret ugly
passed you by
Chasing the wind
and fast nights

slow winding goodbyes
Short hellos
Ain't nothing
Pretty about the truth

Ugly confessed all it had to tell
Can you handle all the truth
Ain't no ugly secret passed you by

You ain't missed the truth
Just one little bit
About being true
True to you
And all of your ugly
All that it tells you

Ain't nothing Pretty about the Truth

Short hellos and goodbyes