Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ain't No Secret Ugly, Ain't Nothing Pretty 'Bout The Truth

Ain't no secret ugly
passed you by
Chasing the wind
and fast nights

slow winding goodbyes
Short hellos
Ain't nothing
Pretty about the truth

Ugly confessed all it had to tell
Can you handle all the truth
Ain't no ugly secret passed you by

You ain't missed the truth
Just one little bit
About being true
True to you
And all of your ugly
All that it tells you

Ain't nothing Pretty about the Truth

Short hellos and goodbyes

A 'Lil Bit Mo (For A Lonely Night)

A lil bit mo
Not to forget your love
and by the time it's gone
A lil bit closer
Not to let you go
Not getting by on rainy days
or hidden days
Hoping the sun shines through
On lonely nights
On truth
Holding you
On the ropes
Ups and downs
When Lonely
Was brave
Ain't a lil bit mo
Better than
Hiding the Truth

A lil bit closer
A lil bit wiser


Masculinity (What I didn't Want To Know) Author Jocelyn Shaw 2018

What I didn't wanna know
What I didn't wanna see
All in front of me
The way the walk was too much
The stare too long
The breathing just a lil but too heavy
And his pulse racing just a lil too fast
What I didn't bare
To tell
What I didn't wanna know
I didn't wanna know your scent

They way it compliments his hips
the taste of dead flowers better than fermented wine
I didn't wanna know the kiss of goodbye
Sitting on the throne

In the passions of lust
Fused with the sweat misting His

To tell
What I didn't wanna know
Know now that
The inn keeper has put the charms of the night in his night dresser and the secrets blessed the walls like wallpaper, hieroglyphs that haunt with the walk of the day
I didn't wanna stand alone in the caress
of my own
shoulders and arms of the bitter breeze that teases with the taste and scent once again

I didn't wanna know
Lover's do say
Masculinity of the first person
Can slip into the second and third

I didn't wanna know that
I could loose the grammar
Left bestilled by Acts, scenes for
Carrying just a lil bit longer, a lil bit darker
A lil bit like
What I didn't bare to tell
But all too bare to take back

The Echo of Love through broken frames...

Its the echo of long goodbyes
Still in my view,
just a glimpse
For answers
Time passing by
And bye to
The broken frames
You can't see into, won't dejavu
Never seen by you
From me,
to remind you of the
Love, bonded by that moment in time
You missed, still in my view
replaced, just an echo
Just the echo of Love calling

Broken frames
that you can't see into
In plain sight, it's been,
but no answer
When I call
your name, your name from deep within rings,
For answers
Haunt time's hands
to stand still
and still I wait
Still in my view but
Broken frames
that you can't see into
Only to remind me
Passing over me, standing in time
Prisoner of love and time
Bonded by the that moment
Broken frames
that you can't see into
Replaced by the echo
Just the echo of love calling

Monday, January 1, 2018

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Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw

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Poetry samples by Jocelyn Shaw

The Sun never sets on beautiful,
Rising again after falling from the rains of joy
It's a beautiful that the heavens know
One that won't turn away from forever,
I could listen to the night and find your echo,
I'm lost out beautiful until I see you again,
You hold One night of forever without changing time,
The Sun never sets on beautiful
It rises within

Le Soleil ne met jamais sur beau,
Le fait de monter de nouveau après le fait de tomber des pluies de joie
C'est un beau que le paradis sait
Celui qui ne se détournera pas de pour toujours,
Je pourrais écouter la nuit et trouver votre écho,
Je me sens perdu dehors beau jusqu'à ce que je vous voie de nouveau,
Vous tenez Une nuit de pour toujours sans temps changeant,
Le Soleil ne met jamais sur beau
Il monte dans

Until beautiful exists no more
I'd never have to wait until heaven fell upon me and each day I'd face another beautiful day each time we embrace
longer shadows of the day forget the passage of time and endless becomes your beauty, the turn of dreams weigh down the pages of memories and I see into our future that until beauty exists no more, I'd lay the pages down as your beauty embraces a whisper to fall upon me

If all that I see was my heaven and eternity began to melt away, skies would not fall short of promises
if what I believed carred me another day
A soul that was breathless walks again
once was not enough
twice was beauty all over again
if heaven poured
it all filled my glass
the beauty that it holds would mend our wings and we'd fly again

“You never thought a rose could carry notes of signature lines, until you found beauty in a rose…this line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time”- Jocelyn Shaw

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