Friday, February 15, 2019

And You Don't Say Goodbye

And You Don't Say Goodbye
That's why I miss you
Long and last the days
This affair began
You don't say goodbye
Because you are always here, with me
The part of me you
Begin over and over again
When you choose
It's not the fact that it's your undoing
It's not the fact I always say hello
When you don't ever say goodbye
I miss you

Part II

That's why I miss you
Long and last the days
This affair began
You don't say goodbye
Because you are always here, with me
The part of me you
Begin over and over again
When you choose
I think you figured that out
Some days apart you won
It's not the fact that it's your undoing
It's selfish of you
It's not the fact I always say hello
When you don't ever say goodbye
I miss you

Jocelyn Shaw

Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Releases 2019 New Poetry & Sentiments Jocelyn Shaw

Tu amor pasó a lo largo de mi vida y reveló otro lado de mí. En mis manos te sostuve mirándome. Tus ojos respondieron a lo que no pude preguntar en ese momento. Lo diste y creí. Tus palabras se demoraron solo para bailar conmigo una vez más ... En tu ausencia, encuentro un corazón que mantuvo el amor por un momento, un corazón lleno de alegría, por ese momento ... si uno camina solo y hay una huella de huellas En mis sombras, encuentro que mi corazón late por dos. En ese momento, la alegría y el amor compartidos no solo me acariciaron, sino que también me llevaron a través. Siempre te veré en mí, yo en ti en mi vida.

Your love passed through my lifetime, and revealed another side of me.In my hands I held you looking back at me.Your eyes answered what I couldn't ask in that moment.You gave and I believed. Your words lingered only to dance with me once more...In your absence, I find a heart that held love for a moment, a heart filled with joy, for that moment...if one walks alone and there's one set of footprints, in my shadows I find my heart beat for two, In that moment, the joy and love shared not only caressed me but carried me through. I will always see you in me, me in you in my lifetime.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

If you missed the PRESS RELEASE and excerpts here's a couple links to catch up on the verses
S.J. Shaw "causes": poetry therapy,arts in medicine
Jocelyn ​
Spokenword & performance poetry
So You Can Get A Little More Of The Fever, Here's Some Right Now Without Leaving The Page!!!!!!
If you never get to see beyond forever
Know that what you forgot to see was all the love in sight
More than two hearts could share
More than the stare in each others eyes
To know that someone would be there
If you closed your eyes and the reason you opened them was
Because in the darkness that someone was there
If you never get to see beyond forever
Know that what you forgot to see was all the love you left there
More than two hearts could share
More than all the reasons you need
More than all that you
Stand to bare
In the darkness face to face
You'd know
I'd be there
And if you never get to see
Forever in your sight
What you missed
Days that didn't close without one another
Days that blend together
What you missed
Passed you by
And its forever
That I want you to know
If you never get to see forever,
Know that what you forgot to see
Was all the love in sight

Author Jocelyn Shaw
DECEMBER 17, 2017


The canvas was blind

Down the corridor she peeked in the room

finding the antique closet

It read



Intriguing garments to try on

To take on subjective

She sat down in between the double doors

peering into him

She began to turn the pages

Trying on verses

She looked up into the mirror to start the feeling

Then to listen slowly trying on the shoes

The loose lace high heeled straps he loved did not mirror the worn pathed shoes

that she slipped her delicate feet into

A road that carried his dreams, his years,

his mother’s advice

His years of learning, his fears and chances,

his loose change

She slipped her thighs into his trousers

That once straddled his masculinity

Her arms into his once buttoned cologned shirt that still bellowed his masculinity

His heavy cologne chased the girl of her essence tailoring a man’s bareness,

still breathing the lines of his boyhood

The tie she departed from the drawer, she opened the flower of the collar and chased her feminine scarf of a woman’s neckline with the close of his fantasies or remembrances of the last time a woman untied his tie with dante hands of femininity,

nights before his profession buttoned

She pinned her hair under his brim

then polished her hairline

Looking into his reflection to see him again

Slowly she patterned his double breasted jacket across her waistline, smoothing the feminine edges of a man’s world with the hands of his maker,

maybe once his mother, his wife, his body

The double mirror gazed back at her

Still holding a subjective thought

She picked up an old photograph,

an old letter and an old pen

She began to write what she saw in the reflection, the photo, the man

The canvas began to fill

Maybe it was the artology of what she wanted to seem hear, maybe it was the truth, but maybe this ghostwriter could address how he really felt about the leaves of his life

The branches that closed the closet

She exited the room.

(Thursday, January 11, 2018)

Masculinity (What I didn't Want To Know) Author Jocelyn Shaw

What I didn't wanna know
What I didn't wanna see
All in front of me
The way the walk was too much
The stare too long
The breathing just a lil but too heavy
And his pulse racing just a lil too fast
What I didn't bare
To tell
What I didn't wanna know
I didn't wanna know your scent

The way it compliments his hips
the taste of dead flowers better than fermented wine
I didn't wanna know the kiss of goodbye
Sitting on the throne

In the passions of lust
Fused with the sweat misting His

To tell
What I didn't wanna know
Know now that
The inn keeper has put the charms of the night in his night dresser and the secrets blessed the walls like wallpaper, hieroglyphs that haunt with the walk of the day
I didn't wanna stand alone in the caress
of my own
shoulders and arms of the bitter breeze that teases with the taste and scent once again

I didn't wanna know
Lover's do say
Masculinity of the first person
Can slip into the second and third

I didn't wanna know that
I could loose the grammar
Left bestilled by Acts, scenes for
Carrying just a lil bit longer, a lil bit darker
A lil bit like
What I didn't bare to tell
But all too bare to take back

His shirt breathed of her inner thigh and perfume of the night holding the breath of his lungs, as he thought back on her. Beginning the day was love's hangover, the last taste of the dance in the sheets the night before, tirelessly romanticized between thoughts of the day ahead chasing his dreams out of his head that still lay on the stain of his lips. A gorgeously laden championship that caught a reflection on his body in the full length mirror on his way to the powder room. Sexy. The only thing bellowing from his tired body, talk that whispered to him trying to persuade him back into the covers, rumors and secrets caught up in his bedroom eyes with chagrin, charges that he was only known for one nighters. This affair had now turned into a year past and a lot of sex.Once more past the full length mirror, only to catch his cascading steps and another hidden moment of pleasure before his exit. Enticing as it was, the challenge to recreate the passion of an evening's moments embrace of the night before cursing him. Damn.If that's what gets you through. It was like being an addict of his own choosing.

This morning he couldn't set his thoughts aside to concentrate on his other obligations, only to put up a charade hiding behind his shades pretending everything today was less than feminine.
Feminine was the taste and touch still holding on with her fingertips still running up the side his legs past his spine and the nipples of his breast, where his heart was held in her hands it seemed like love, felt like a love hangover. A bruised, jealous interruption that was departing his appetite for another body. Tonight he would return and she would be there,  I feel. As you do.

I feel.
As you do.
I touch
It's your VooDoo
Still wearing you
I feel.
As you do.
Can't breathe
Without you.
As you do.
I feel
If it's all of you
I was apart of it too
If it wasn't
As you do
Without you
It couldn't
I feel.
As you do

Lay down
As you do.
As you do.
As you do.

I feel.
As You do.

Caress me
As you do.
All of you.

Call me
Feel me
As you do

- Jocelyn

Excerpt Black Harlequin-

Done Done It For Once
(You Didn't Think I'd Say It-What You Won't Say Someone Will)
Hours of your pleasure tease
We bend the edges
turn the pages
Hide the remorse of verses that creep up on us in the day
Just over the top I peek and look away
from the dirty lines and fridget nervous proposals
To enter the night alone through my glasses,
With my stand up
Stockings Up
Made Up
A breeze on my ass left from...

Just teasing looks & body talk
You didn't act on & left me Lonely

So I took it home & pondered about it
I came Up with a few ringers
A few answers of my own
That concluded what you started...I

The Teaser
left me on a trail like the movie The Hitchhiker

Catching the breeze of your ...
& Sexy

So I wiped my top lip with my index finger across the plain of my thoughts
Maybe it could happen
So what it lingered
It was just the ride
A hitchhiker right?
Me or you
Or did you say something?

Just over the top I peek and look away...

-Jocelyn Shaw


Heat wrapped around The airey legged night. The turmoils of bare and empty loneliness, warmed her bosom, opening her eyes into a darkness across the room, remaining inside was what the lit the room enough only to be ...Gentled by the flicker of burning on into the night… the shades caught the breeze lifting each one on a slight wave up and down … As the morning introduced… ... ...she opened the flower of the collar and chased her feminine scarf of a woman’s neckline with the close of his fantasies or remembrances of the last time a woman untied his tie with dante hands of femininity, nights before his profession buttoned.. She pinned her hair under his brim then polished her hairline Looking into his reflection to see him again… ... Stranger the two not together, unparalleled, was like never meeting only it to reminded me of how much I missed you to see into a reflection and feel my own breathe still breathing heavily from the cascading hands, hours passing over and over (Poetry link -

Amour Unmaking Annulation temps Lignes de réécriture Faire l'amour la première fois Unmaking amour est là  seul est le regard Une chance de trouver le sens de la voix en cours d'exécution sur les pensées Valentine
Une âme est en feu Débordant dans un récipient de temps Backwards, rembobiné Unmaking aimer à nouveau Annulation temps Lignes de réécriture Faire l'amour La toute première fois Essayer de capturer les étincelles d'un vieux revoir
Faire l'amour la première fois Hors de l'obscurité dans le regard brûlant Dans le regard de voyage de l'autre Un chemin qui est égaré, mais y reste Unmaking aiment la première fois Annulation temps
The room felt like a second skin on her, his cashmere wearing like a glove and his cologne still the dew clinging to her lips.
Her hand rose up his inner thigh with the rising temperature of the room meeting his masculinity and escalating their breathing with the caress of deep...the reflection couldn't capture her memory of their bodies embracing one another, sealed into the sheets.
His tone was deep as the stroke of her hand, deeper into the muscles of his inner thigh until her hand met his pelvic bone. He responded cupping his hands behind her hairline, running his fingers into her hair, tilting her head back until she released and surrendered her breath and backbone into the air. The two moved into the still of thoughts now her reflection in the mirror above her bed. She stared into her reflection a little longer, his silhouette now a shadow above.
Emystary dusted a second face on while waiting for Ebony's journey away to make it back to her with the passing of hours with a few hidden moments to herself. The the warmth of the bath was now a scene broken with Ebony's return and his bare body entering the bathroom greeted with a smile that kissed him before her touch met him, an embrace with her hands at his waist. Into the waters the two gathered themselves.
Into the next hour the water made a embryo holding the lover's embrace.
Ebony, a charismatic charmer, had to say few words but the conversation was endless between them this evening on into the night.

...Unmaking love
Undoing time
Rewriting lines
Making love the very first time
Unmaking love is where alone is the glance
A chance to find the direction of a voice running over Valentine thoughts
A soul's on fire
Overflowing in a vessel of time
Backwards, rewound
Unmaking love again
Undoing time
Rewriting lines
Making love
The very first time
Trying to capture the sparks of an old goodbye
Making love the very first time
Out of the darkness into the burning glare
Into the stare of each other's journey
A path that's strayed but remains there
Unmaking love the very first time
Undoing time
Rewriting lines
Making love the very time
...Author - Jocelyn Shaw

The rose petals lined the glass, the last petal fell & the spell was cast. It was captured in the moment,the embrace of budding romance & smooth tasteful beginnings. A very impressionable lead role for the host, cheers, inner thoughts as smiles met the rim of the glass

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Leaving Impossible

When calling came back empty it was almost impossible to hear, but again silence grew louder and I heard the impossible leaving, leaving the sounds of your voice, your face, and

Everything that was impossible grows louder in the silence

Now impossible hears the beating of everything that lay in the silence in everything that was dark, and impossible

I heard it leaving an empty space

And everything impossible grew louder, your voice, your touch, leaving everything I wanted and it was impossible leaving the sound in shadows

Leaving the close of nowhere

Near impossible

Growing louder in the deaf of darkness

Of impossible

Now I'm not alone

Alone in leaving


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“You never thought a rose could carry notes of signature lines, until you found beauty in a rose…this line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time”- Jocelyn Shaw. (Poetry link -

Every beginning should be as special as the life of the relationship.

Every brand has its impression from the beginning.

Every word is signature.

Video Montages available for viewing at Spoken Word Poetry (video)

 The Sun Never Sets on Beautiful -Promo -

 The Sun never sets on beautiful, Rising again after falling from the rains of joy It's a beautiful that the heavens know One that won't turn away from forever, I could listen to the night and find your echo, I'm lost out beautiful until I see you again, You hold One night of forever without changing time, The Sun never sets on beautiful It rises within

 Le Soleil ne met jamais sur beau, Le fait de monter de nouveau après le fait de tomber des pluies de joie C'est un beau que le paradis sait Celui qui ne se détournera pas de pour toujours, Je pourrais écouter la nuit et trouver votre écho, Je me sens perdu dehors beau jusqu'à ce que je vous voie de nouveau, Vous tenez Une nuit de pour toujours sans temps changeant, Le Soleil ne met jamais sur beau Il monte dans

Part I The Sun never sets on something beautiful, it only continues to rise A million days could pass us by and not met the day when beautiful would lie Continuing to rise without a day that the sun would set on something beautiful, If the day became barron without it's embrace, Beautiful would take it's place, the rise and set would have met us of those days

French version

 Le soleil ne place jamais sur beau, se levant encore après être tombé des pluies de la joie qu' il est un beau que les cieux connaissent un qui ne tournera pas loin de pour toujours, je pourraient écouter la nuit et trouver votre écho, je suis dehors perdu beau jusqu'à ce que je vous revoie, vous tiens une nuit de temps changeant pour toujours en dehors, le soleil ne place jamais sur beau il se lève en dedans Italian version Il sole non si regola mai su bello, aumentando ancora dopo essere caduto dalle pioggie di gioia che è un bello che il cielo conosce uno che non girerà via da per sempre, io potrebbe ascoltare la notte e trovare il vostro eco, sono bello fuori perso fino a che non li veda ancora, voi tengo una notte di tempo per sempre senza cambiante, il sole mai non mi regolo su bello esso aumento dentro Spanish version El sol nunca fija en hermoso, levantándose otra vez después de caer de las lluvias de la alegría que es un hermoso que los cielos conocen uno que no dé vuelta lejos de por siempre, yo podrían escuchar la noche y encontrar su eco, soy hacia fuera perdido hermoso hasta que le veo otra vez, usted llevo a cabo una noche del tiempo por siempre fuera que cambia, el sol nunca fijo en hermoso él me levanto dentro

 Arabic version يثبت الشمس أبدا على جميلة, يرتفع ثانية بعد يسقط من الأمطار السعادة هو يكون جميلة أنّ السماوات يعرفون واحدة أنّ لن يلتفت بعيدا من دائما, أنا استطاع استمعت إلى الليلة ووجدت صدىك, أنا يخسر خارجا جميلة إلى أن أنا أرى أنت ثانية, أنت يمسك واحدة ليلة من دائما بدون يغيّر وقت, الشمس أبدا يثبت على جميلة هو يرتفع من الدّاخل

Monday, December 3, 2018

...Kiss the heaven of darkness and close your eyes
Breathe with my lungs the last of my air I have for you if you need it.
Take back with you my touch
Ever so meant to caress the need s you have lingering in the corners of the sheets we didn't touch,the last place you remember me, take into your vision
Somewhere in the darkness
My sight
A lasting touch
So don't forget your way
I 'll remember for you
Close your eyes,Kiss the heaven of darkness
If you need it
...2018-Jocelyn Shaw