Friday, August 19, 2011

J-Ligne Sentiments: The Brand, the Product By Jocelyn

J-Ligne sentiments is the poetry of Jocelyn Shaw and delivers the poetic content of the love letters that embody the soulful collection of poetry the author has delivered in several poetry books. Some of the most beautiful words make for the clothes of the soul as so published by Jocelyn when she says “some of the most beautiful garments are clothed in the words you want to hear” As a writer, author and artist the craftsmanship of the card is just as important as the artist’s subject, hour and mood. So we desire to make the words, the card, the one’s meant for you. J-Ligne by Jocelyn. J-Ligne sentiments including custom cards and custom paper, featuring our premier rose paper, the smell of roses lingers with the words of your soul.

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