Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spellbound Sneak Peek!!!!!


End’s prelude to waiting.
The awakened weathered thoughts sound
because starting is the first blow across pastures.
A never ending story desired, dreams unbroken blade.
Unselfish return to me of love, when no one heard
Emptier not filling while
Abridged doors of fantasy boastfully open to know.
Forecast the beginning rather than the end,
so we can always begin
Whatever the Romance, a will does not want to end what makes it human
Only live an end to hesitating whatever we will be.
Time is always writing , building a fence of suspense.
Why write a horror tale, when beautiful can begin?

I want you to lay beside me
if there were no end and eternity was the beginning
a drink of your kiss, has taken me so much deeper
Wells of emotion and turns of devotion,
Finesse eyes your delicate and sincere
I take with me beauty’s portrait and breast the unknown,
welcome your days I do cherish and commit to invest
fragile innocence blurs the bottom of trodden days never flown
Beside me you will be strong


Taxi Ride

It made the private news headliners ripple.
Rim and fast junky turtles in the sun’s breakfast.
Turtles that crept into the mouths of their shells when taking on investigation
Take us to our destination.
We don’t want to wait forever, traffic is too frenzy,
when standing on the sideline so long, the look of calmness toasts into the distance, it made a wash of joyous tears break,
a chaos of circles transporting updates
Rimmed and waiting.
The press is waiting to be the judge.
The junkies newsroom is packed, like the delivery room.
Borrowing lives, they storm the heavens with their thoughts.
The fallen cigars still smell of celibate celebrating.
Hey taxi, me first, I got my paper, my ride is long.


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