Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Red Balloon

goodbyes that say hello and begin all over again
Remembrances that kiss the young and breast of you
The black and white picture of  erect cameos, lightening fast it burned,
only to recall and drop me a line
The chilling bloom within the frost that stops time
The beginnings, the ends, take me to the climax of the the red sun room’s garden again
beneath a shakened earth flower garden’s break
Still in time, my spotlight holding you
You shine, you surface, you become the hue of dullness
it’s why goodbyes start the sunrise and chase the sparks of light
that light the shadows that break the frost, the stone
The infancy we take with us, first impressions,
when the sky cracks on virgin eyes becoming the bloom and rise of dark flowers
Beginning hello again we start over and over again

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