Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sneak Peek to Black Harlequin, the Romance - Authored by Jocelyn Shaw

The Black Harlequin

Ebony’s shadow crept up like the rising sun casting a hue in the night air only separated by the breeze and whispers
carried by lids visioning what’s to come to past moments later The faint hairs on his skin stood alongside
the scent of Ellis 360, or was it Deisel?, and last nights dress lips circumferenced, collared and pinned with
the expense of chocolate diamonds no one spared of the elegance Classy, GQ
just her taste
the twisted shay of those same legs dancing to his words
whispers across the hue that
still lingered, carried by lids visioning
ago, miss me till shadows catch up with the performers
The wind seemed to carry back
notes of the events
dates, times and episodes
investigation, pursuits and dance beats
hot ringers and quickies
The Miami sun embracing the beachside waters
the only vice is what didn’t happen
or the loss in time from hesitating on the trigger

lipstick on his collar,
he sees as he glances from the glass shower doors
hours from his flight in and
two more nights from his flight out
The water pebbles as it collects on the shower floor
he 360s to collect the absent jewelry
then oils and dusts for the evening layering the flowers of the men’s collection
against layers of black cotton linens tailored to rib and bone
he tried to focus and concentrate on the business dailies
but noticed hairs from her fur trimmed sheer robe had clung to his slacks from the night ends
disrupting the disparate egotism that had draped him from shower to this hour now thoughts of holding onto the endeavors of last measures dance
held his thoughts and it was time to ring the alarm
chirps sang from her phone as she entered the master room of the suite
sliding next to the valve of Cuba Snake 075
that set the wheels into motion in that very spot
His voice rhythmed in on her phone
a deep, raspy male note appreciating her
tasteful and careful delights in welcoming him in
prior to today’s wallpapered hours
falling down like the digital code of her
computer and work that excused her from this morning’s lover hangover
only her eyes did not tell of an overdose but
wings of passion borderless,
she was planning to hold the next 12 hours with
the only bars hold was the developments on where this night’s sky traveled overseas.

His voice opened like his letters preceding their
collective bargaining power.

Notes of the events
dates, times and episodes
investigation pursuits and dance beats
hot ringers and quickies
promissory notes to get her to the destination
promissory notes of persuasive negotiation
promissory notes to hold.

Voyeurism echoed the notes hoping the deal would go over.
She ended the conversation with an open invitation
Ebony to arrive a mere hour from the call
she went over her wardrobe and herself to appease
not only Ebony but herself
an appetizer of a white strapless dress
and perfume would be just right for Ebony
Digital cayos , numbers written on a cue card
within reach of his nightstand
awaiting his departure
as the sun had already departed the days dwelling
a glance once more at himself
his brow hung with a sexy masculinity
and perfectly met his hairline that still rang with her kisses
exit met the hour, it was time
steps away from her embrace
distance had shortened within the days and hours
of time that had previously instilled exasperation
and chills beckoning the day of their embrace
Finally, one night from his flight out, the four play of time dwindling down and last minute keepsakes to be left behind enriched Ebony’s pulsing system and made him a little airy in the head however, he remained the smooth

The orchestra began to play in the background with a symphony of the night breeze, the sounds of the waters bellowing from the beachside across the room

to the stare that grew louder into an embrace as Ebony unfolded again, Art unfolds again.

The shower drizzled liken a misty rainforest
the steam and the humidity of the atmosphere clung
It clung like the thoughts of the second night's passion
Now it was time to bring it home and close the romantic getaway with
something that would resemble Ebony
Just then the phone rang, it was the florist from the hotel
Ebony whispered something edible for the lady tonight as his tone indicated a repiore with the florist shop and then dissipated just as the ringing replaced by thoughts the day at the salon spa was sensual but yet incomplete with expectations to rendezvous once again sensual salon spa appetizers pacified the weighted incompleteness of the day the warmth of the sauna brought emotional rays in heat waves that enticed and beckoned Ebony the therapeutic time spent with Eb definitely climaxed over the eclipse of the last couple of days
Eb too, was overwhelmed and had received more than expected whatever emotional baggage that trimmed his hesitations in sooner pursuits were gone today after his engaging conversations and sparks that were renewed this weekend
tonight was a night that descended quickly before Eb new it, he was opening the door of his penthouse for the florist and Eimystary she looked very elegant
Eimystary's entrance opened with.. all perspectives in place.. this was the third day out...Eb's silky voice mellowed out and faded into the back of the couch with Emyistary's embrace, Eb coupled Emyistary in his arms running his arms up her spine until she was tightly wound around his body cavity Emyistary straddled Eb and moved to the rhythm of his vibrations
The rhythm of the night tangled emotions into the fabric of linens till dawn
A zone that Eb had been anticipating taking his relationship with Emyistary for a while. Until Emysitary's supply of air ran low, Eb persisted with doses, liquid kisses and beats that pounded like rocks upon the delicate framework he loved to envision from time to time in between the distant chiming of ringing the two of them had to share across the skyline. The lights of the night sky penetrated Eb's penthouse and echoed across the room running a spotlight that left footprints mapping Eb's steps that carried the close of another intriguing and rather interesting evening with Emiystary.
Eb excused himself to the bathroom, followed by Eimystary's eyes that might have
undressed him had he not already held the limelight with his masculine traits. Once wrapped in his king size robe he leaned against the wall in the bathroom for a minute to gather his thoughts and deliberate over the evening's investigation that had come to a conclusion. The vaulted ceilings in Eb's penthouse clouded with a sticky, carcinogenic like aftermath that stuck in Eb's chest as he smiled at himself in the mirror, closing his eyes to the splash of water he collected from the glass bowl under the faucet. Before Eb could conclude his escape to the bathroom,
Emiystary meet him on the other side of the door as if she could move from being hung-over from body stocking moves against Eb's renaissance headboard and bedroom chamber all evening. Maybe the panic or fear of a quick disappearance into the dawn made Emyistary move closer to the supply of heat flushing
through Eb's body. Eb was classy from winter to summer, classic moves and holiday gifted in his charms. The battle of fighting cupid's bows had Emiystary on the ropes tonight rewriting her lines that she could not rehearse enough in her head. Eb left thoughts tattooed across Emyistary's gentle, cascading waves sailing in from the dancehall and dirty dancing
talker his notes, letters had promised and that she had hijacked across the distance many a thoughts before the dance began
lingering on as she slid silk slivers of the orient across the dancehall legs just his taste, just as he remembered

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