Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Derriere le Velours: Behind the Velvet
Authored by Ms. Jocelyn Shaw
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    by Nissar Ahmed A. Naik

    I am a tiny toddler,
    walking along a crowded street,
    with my hand in my father's hand,
    happy, safe and secure,
    gazing at the bright neon lights,
    of a great city-

    Suddenly the lights disappear,
    as I fall into a deep pit,
    full of darkness and fear.
    As I hit the bottom,
    I am in my bed,
    wet with perspiration.

    Alas, it was a dream,
    I lost my father long ago,
    long ago he left me,
    in this insecure world.

    Father, where are you?
    I need your love and protection,
    and your reassuring grip,
    on my feeble hand.

    I wish it was really possible,
    to move along the time axis,
    so that an insecure toddler,
    could run to the past,
    into the arms of his lost father