Wednesday, July 6, 2011

from "Poet's Corner Undressed", Jocelyn Shaw

Unloveable, unmentionable cherishable stains
untouchable tonight
carry your credible, nonverbal, nonversed sensitive pain
unschool me tonight in every thang
in all of your
unmeasurable, unstopable sensationable
captivating touch
wrap your Romeo close to my unabridged rules
and together we go
all the places
we're untouchable tonight
shorten the chords of winding words
that stop me from unlocking this thang
You create and I dine
You fed and I grow
You touch and it shows
carry the one thing
one hold we know
untouchable by some, undeniable
undressed by day
Poet I stand
My way, my words
in which I stand
in all of your unmeasurable, unstopable, sensationable
captivating touch, unloved tonight
undo the laces that say no
no rules in this romance
nonchainable, untouchable
hidden within my words 

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