Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Derrière le Velours (Behind the Velvet)   Artology

Fossile lanterned camées de chevet lettres datées impressions tout au long du temps ruban romantique lacé... chevet équilibré satin travaillé cintres couverts cadeaux de... camées capturées du plaisir un fossile découvert, bibelots à se rappeler les fossiles ont fixé camées au chevet- Jocelyn Shaw

Amongst the collections in this storefront you'll find my personal creative works amidst my favorite artists.

Derrière le Velours (Behind the Velvet) is a newly published work of poetry authored by myself ...the hours unveiled breathlessly time spent with you, thoughts that caress ring into the next, sunset befalls from the sands of the hour, these are the sands of time ...enclosing the next sunset repeating the hour, sunset's ray kisses the pale night, the moon charriots accross the cumulus...

I hope you enjoy this collection of poetic letters that create J - LIGNE sentiments in Derriere le Velours. Discover the passion that's hidden inside. Black Satin lyrics,romance

The Orchestry of Touch, and Starfish, are a few of the titles you'll find inside that Fossil this collection of poems.

The other collections, including radio ringtones, an anthological collection of music in cd formats. In this store are my personal designs and newly published collections, some my personal favorites. ...she continued with the silkened sheer beginnings unwrapping the poetic rounded curves of the sweet nectar of the bossom of labor of the harvest, harvested under the moonlit whispers of the night of a pony express the tangerine oil scents the pastures of the green thumb ripening the harvested fruit the beholder seduced, betwisted and maddened and intoxicated by the spray of midnite tangerine's glow illuminated bodies glist, shimmery vocabulary and kisses of appeasement that deepens the colors of midnight tangerine still lingering ... .. Page 52 Strawberry Red Romance became the topic Of Lady Madame and Eve moonlight twinkled on her secret of honey from dusted shoulders and powdered face walked in and straight up to Ebony an embodied twist and sway as the air carried the scent of perfume echoing by his glance to her Shawl, wrapped and misplaced around her waist Ebony laced in ole time silk and bare chest romance on his face smile as fresh as the melon and rounded strawberry lips afire set she with once glance igniting the coldest smooth vocabulary between the two...

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