Thursday, July 21, 2011

Selected lyrics from Artology sound recording; Be Not Easily Moved

Be not easily moved
To invest
Be not easily moved
to invest time’s yielded tenderness
so young tender in the mood when love’s around and confessing to you, hung-over a side of tenderness, we remember those songs

The spirit of The law of attraction
And, and were you not easily moved?
the time machine of the romantics, the movies
Not me?
When you could, all you could do? Caught by the runaway lines this time
You smile and still be not easily moved
When all that you could do was journey without the hand of the romantics, the movies
The best of those dreams
Young, wild flowers
delivering the forget me nots
Passing stills
Still the one dream that haunts
That one wild flower in your flowerbed
Growing pains
When all you could do is journey, vaulted ceilings holding
Holding you on those hung-over coaches
Those runaway lines every time taking you, and you through, folded by the verses and lyrics you dusted

The best, tenderness, muscles intoxicated by the song of human bodies the personality of daydreaming, the guide of the seeing eye dog beit his name passion

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