Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Releases, Virtual Book Tour dates and sites, Jocelyn's personal notes

"..the steam and the humidity of
the atmosphere clung
It clung like the thoughts of the
second night's passion
Now it was time to bring it home
and close the romantic getaway

It's been a real experience writting this book, one in a series of international appeal with my fellow society of poets who welcomed me and encouraged my talent and writting not only in the US but abroad into 58 countries. Artology was recently at to the Kindle collection for all you travelers with Palm OS devices and readers on the go. Don't miss our episodes in poetry, spoken word celebrations of poetry and the upcoming label, Poetry Corner Undressed (uncensored and freestylers). It is a continued appreciation of all the Harlem Renassiance poets, an appreciate of the art form and harmony of many poets and the appreciation of written talents that deliver, as promised, a dialogue of sentiments that will endure time. 
Enjoy the sneak peeks posted on the blog. The upcoming Virtual Book Tour dates are going to be posted on the blog site and the locations to buy J-Ligne Sentiments, greeting cards.

When I wrote that special one
It really was winter falling
It felt like you
The curves skipping window
As I looked out into the melody
the words and the distance
shortened on my search to the
I could hear your calligraphy
and a love song making the
tears fall because it was under
the ray of what felt like you
This day I write for you
Only the way I see you through...

She slipped her thighs into
his trousers
That once straddled his
Her arms into his once
buttoned cologned shirt that
still bellowed his masculinity
His heavy cologne chased
the girl of her essence
tailoring a man’s bareness,
still breathing the lines of his
The tie she departed from
the drawer, she opened
the flower of the collar and
chased her feminine scarf
of a woman’s neckline with
the close of his fantasies..."

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