Monday, September 12, 2011

New "Sentiment" Cards by Jocelyn Shaw

Day's Age

Find the keeps, churn the unforgettable
between the age of hours and day's lay
unagreed mirored by nights' pack
that now blooms, revealed
that is the spine and stem of the black rose
the birth of faith can never be wasted
the ones desired that are forbidden in the magic of noire
the ones wasted that we hold by lock of day
petals that shed the magic becoming the dust
the earth of words grow in whispers that grow from the darkest greenhouses and potted secrets
Is where I find you lay
between the age of hours
the unforgettable made in the churn of day
enchanted by the way
through darness it resurfaces with the pack of night and day
the day's age that keeps you forever in my engagement
the Noire Rose that blooms in the darkest sun

The Last Petal That Falls

Like trust's blues
the last petal falls into place
cards dealt by the sun
evens by night
take from it's beauty's hearth
the star's bud dancing away
the break of a lonely stem
rain of gentle beginnings
blooms watered and lost
without a vase
until the last petal falls
you'll find me
breaking even with the sun

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