Tuesday, July 3, 2012

English Version; "Without Words, Without Goodbye"

Without Words
Without Goodbye,

you can say
words came easy
without hearing a sound
if it poured reason without tears
and no end came with goodbye

when we were still
standing the rain

without words you cry by my side
still showing no one
without easing your pain

on the edge of a river
like lightning before
there's a beginning
before there's sight
and no one
can run the distance of the river without heading for a side

finding refuge in the waters
under the hail of words
and we turn again

it't the last of the bottle and
a message reads

if I had no word to a blind journey
down a stream of emotions
and standing in front of my eyes was only you
I'd bare
my thoughts and comfort a day that fell
short of words

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