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New release and excerpt for Black Harlequin

Snapshots inhaled the silence on the frontiers that wanes and blisses the skin, dimmed in hushes,
peep the surface where lingers crushed innocence too harsh to recall in the midst of rings, the course or stemmed hours.

As the hottest star, the Sun, perched on shallow-ed time, it was the warmth of their bodies that rescued them from the break of the frights of hallow night that held while joined their shoulders chin to shoulder and back again, the breath of their spines meeting, passing into the corners of their eyes, hiding the waking parting nearing the close of their time together.Eb and Emystary had come to the promise of another closing goodbye,this time haven lasted the age of fire to ash camped alongside the two lovers and their collected thoughts that poured into the nonverbal composition

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Chapter preview

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"...dew from a distilled pot lid running over your caress, a bouquet drips from the lips..."

Trickling sweat multiplied aroma caps that made the storm and hurdled beneath a collar's breeze, pigments of the stock of buds steeped in a well, made from the sleep of a poise's drug and cadance of communication to proceed .
Eb chased Emystary into the covers with the brush of his after five on the insides of her thighs, foreplay that drove Emystary into curves of passions, Eb's unbreaking stare braced Emystary as she capsized into the covers, her stomach hardened while Eb haloed the trigger over her spine decending into the cusps of her buttocks, this vogue made way into the next hour. Emystary answered with moans, subsequently dampened by the warmth of their bodies, Emystary changed things up a bit by breasting Eb's pelvis, milking the last energy they could bare as a resting peace broke into a champagne that always goes along with fine dining. The split of hairs, was the count of the hesitation of rememberance foreseen.

Chapter Preview

It was the break of their encounters when Emystary decided to write Eb a letter of her thoughts..
After the hail pressed on the door, I woke up this morning and ran my fingers through my hair trying to lock in a little longer, to catch the emotions, the thoughts of you along with the smell of your skin when we make love, only you wasn't there, so I placed my hand on my hip to stop the hangover, still shaking. Realizing that I was still in the storm, it was an empty day's beginnings on wanting to wake up with the same smell in your arms, the blush of the sunrise made way for the rays of you, deep into the shower, soft as the cumulus, hands of flesh dipped backward into the storm wound up around us, only to sober what became the realization as the cashmere that I was still wearing and it was the covers that warmed the child of frozen hours, that still remained into this morning after hearing your last presence. Missing you, signed Emystary

French versions
Cashmere Excerpt from Black Harlequin

Prévision de chapitre
c'était la coupure là de la rencontre quand Emystary a décidé d'écrire à eb une lettre de ses pensées.
Après que la grêle ait serré sur la porte, j'ai réveillé ce matin et ai couru mes doigts par mes cheveux essayant de fermer à clef dans un litte plus longtemps, pour attraper les emothions, pensées de toi avec l'odeur de votre peau quand nous faisons l'amour, seulement vous n'étiez pas là, ainsi j'ai placé ma main sur ma hanche pour arrêter la gueule de bois, secousse de distillateur. Se rendant compte que j'étais toujours dans le donner l'assaut à, c'était les commencements d'un jour vide sur vouloir se réveiller avec la même odeur dans des vos bras, le rougissement du lever de soleil transformé manière pour les rayons de toi, profonds en la douche, molle comme cumulus, mains de chair plongées vers l'arrière dans le donner l'assaut à enroulé vers le haut autour de nous, seulement à sobre ce qui est devenu la réalisation comme cachemire que je portais toujours et il était les couvertures qui ont chauffé l'enfant des heures gelées, qui demeuraient toujours dans ce matin après avoir entendu votre dernière présence. S'ennuyer de toi, Emystary signé

How far can you go above the darkness eating at your flesh into a halo above yourself, embracing yourself then drifting on what turns you on?
It was a the question and after thoughts that clung like the rain, still wet on her skin, a silk, wet rain, that she wore in her thoughts between the sheets.

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