Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Made for the fragrance of your embace heard again. 2017 A New Epic! Poetry By Jocelyn

beautifully to hold in your palms,made for the fragrance of your embrace heard again after I'm gone "...What you missed Passed you by And its forever That I want you to know If you never get to see forever, Know that what you forgot to see Was all the love in sight..." We desire the beginnings and end The mouth of two tales Hers and His Pleasantries- How come dawn takes the one who wears my kisses were they of name? The formulas only interupt the embrace and lock of our romance. Missing the hellos is the goodbye after we shed the hours and move on into other lives pretending to not desire the joining of gates and forever pleasured touch. Once the close of letters of invitation get us by the rules, the human in us remains attractive to basic. The art of science and health beauties the pages on day’s absence of pleasantries that are forgotten in the company of the what you can not take with you and what makes the scenery enchanted, cozy and the things that help to cope with real matters. The impossible becomes possible by Jocelyn Shaw Apart If the sky parted and the clouds missed you, would it still be the atmosphere that belonged apart of you and would you still find the sun in my eyes, if the sky was lonely for you and I, we couldn't miss if it was raining those same thoughts, that broke when it's new like the first drops of love that filled my heart and naked soul, the first sight of you divides and falls before the clouds could clothe you, I breathe and it's true if the sky were ever lonely it was for you and I à part (Apart) by Jocelyn Shaw "if all that I see was my heaven and eternity began to melt away, skies would not fall short of promises if what I believed carried me another day A soul that was breathless walks again once was not enough twice was beauty all over again if heaven poured it all filled my glass the beauty that it holds would mend our wings and we'd fly again"- Jocelyn Shaw Leaving Impossible When calling came back empty it was almost impossible to hear, but again silence grew louder and I heard the impossible leaving, leaving the sounds of your voice, your face, and Everything that was impossible grows louder in the silence Now impossible hears the beating of everything that lay in the silence in everything that was dark, and impossible I heard it leaving an empty space And everything impossible grew louder, your voice, your touch, leaving everything I wanted and it was impossible leaving the sound in shadows Leaving the close of nowhere Near impossible Growing louder in the deaf of darkness Of impossible Now I'm not alone Alone in leaving Impossible featuring french version “wrapped in endless days together…” Ecard Moments To Treasure Arabic- Bird On Moonlit Night.flv

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