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 *Phantasy Dell'Opera - The Top Twenty-Preview Edition *
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*Phantasy of the Opera *
*(Fantasy/Poet's Society): Phantasy dell'opera (fantasia/società del Poet)*
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Jocelyn Shaw is Poet of the 21st Century in New York City, New York
Le Secret Admirent, L'exclusivité de Français, Fascinée
*Authored by Jocelyn Shaw
*Le secret admirent
l'exclusivité de Français
Jocelyn extends her collection of poetry abroad as a french exclusive in
her international collection of poetry works amidst the published French,
English, Italian, Arabic, Thai and Portuguese native tongues. , @10digitsSheila,,,
Le Secret Admirent, L'exclusivité de Français: Fascinée ... Authored by
Jocelyn Shaw,

Be Not Easily Moved
"She told me a secret…
it went like this
Be not easily moved
Time’s stroke of hands wound backward,
gracefully yielding
be not easily moved
the caress of deep shadowed evenings
Be not easily moved
the intoxication of flowered, dusty skin’s frost
on cold bareness that begins your journey
Be not easily moved
the serenade in an acoustic shower,
vaulted ceiling waters, and only You.
Misty, marbled, remembrances
choked by time’s echo and a
collage of forgottens,
forget me not canyons
Be not easily moved
the thirsty thirst and backward
hot flashes, the journey of the curse of good
lovemaking haunting you,
while curled up and leftover, folded by the
verses and lyrics you dusted
one day, and one day again
passing by..."

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