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Every beginning should be as special as the life of the relationship.
Every brand has its impression from the beginning.
Every word is signature.
With our Signature brand, Say more than words.
Signature lines, signature paper.
Say it with flowers.
Say More, From the Beginning.
Our cards and design, Say More.
 “You never thought a rose could carry notes of signature lines, until you found beauty in a rose…this line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time”- Jocelyn Shaw

Trinkets of scented roses, thoughts of silk floral bouquets and scented bouquets of roses become the keepsakes, memoirs that last the lifetime of words and beauty

Signature lines laid down on a bed of roses gift forever between the lines
Lay the rose down with signature lines

“Say it with Flowers” campaign

Imagine the capture of silk roses, accented roses the beauty of a rose, forever held in place with signature lines that last a lifetime, never withering through time

A bouquet of words, never wither
This line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time
Signature lines from the magical garden of roses come alive just as the magic in black roses-
Say it with Flowers- Say it Forever

Pledging Beauty- Words behind the pledge- Say it with Flowers
(Rose Bush FR campaign)
Say it Now-eGallery, eDigital Expressions.
Your design by request. Coming Soon! Look for our website post.

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New Poetry by Jocelyn Shaw
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Part I

The Sun never sets on something beautiful, it only continues to rise
A million days could pass us by and not met the day when beautiful would lie
Continuing to rise without a day that the sun would set on something beautiful,
If the day became barron without it's embrace,
Beautiful would take it's place,
the rise and set would have met us of those days

French version

Le soleil ne place jamais sur beau,
 se levant encore après être tombé des pluies de la joie qu'
il est un beau que les cieux connaissent
 un qui ne tournera pas loin de pour toujours,
 je pourraient écouter la nuit et trouver votre écho,
 je suis dehors perdu beau jusqu'à ce que je vous revoie,
 vous tiens une nuit de temps changeant pour toujours en dehors,
 le soleil ne place jamais sur beau
 il se lève en dedans

Italian version

Il sole non si regola mai su bello,
 aumentando ancora dopo essere caduto dalle pioggie di gioia che
 è un bello che il cielo conosce
 uno che non girerà via da per sempre,
 io potrebbe ascoltare la notte e trovare il vostro eco,
 sono bello fuori perso fino a che non li veda ancora,
 voi tengo una notte di tempo per sempre senza cambiante,
 il sole mai non mi regolo su bello
 esso aumento dentro

Spanish version

El sol nunca fija en hermoso,
 levantándose otra vez después de caer de las lluvias de la alegría que
 es un hermoso que los cielos conocen
 uno que no dé vuelta lejos de por siempre,
 yo podrían escuchar la noche y encontrar su eco,
 soy hacia fuera perdido hermoso hasta que le veo otra vez,
 usted llevo a cabo una noche del tiempo por siempre fuera que cambia,
 el sol nunca fijo en hermoso
 él me levanto dentro
Arabic version

يثبت الشمس أبدا على جميلة,
 يرتفع ثانية بعد يسقط من الأمطار السعادة
 هو يكون جميلة أنّ السماوات يعرفون
 واحدة أنّ لن يلتفت بعيدا من دائما,
 أنا استطاع استمعت إلى الليلة ووجدت صدىك,
 أنا يخسر خارجا جميلة إلى أن أنا أرى أنت ثانية,
 أنت يمسك واحدة ليلة من دائما بدون يغيّر وقت,
 الشمس أبدا يثبت على جميلة
 هو يرتفع من الدّاخل

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