Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SNEAK PEEK 2013's A GIFTED HEART; The Road Untold, never wishing all the shade down that lonely distance, no more tracks for me, the only one carrying the load, piano in the dark without the sounds of leaves falling, short of the pages that were suppose to be in this book we were writing, once the fork in the road when I couldn't choose, blinded rooms of all the breeze, too short of me, caught up in traveling the distance and going nowhere on a road winding back around, just dust flying, flying higher than the air I could breathe, nothing but open spaces, but the walls are steady closing in that were suppose to fill every room of this home, now I find myself writing this book by myself cause you ain't nowhere near what I'm feeling, Just the road untold between us and what I found was there was nothing between us, Just open spaces.

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