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Blog Talk Radio

blog-talk-radio-Phil-JohncockThe 6 biggest benefits to me of using Blog Talk Radio are:
  1. It is a remarkably reliable, “free” bridgeline.
  2. It’s super easy to set up and use. It took me less than 60 minutes to be up and running!
  3. It allows for easy syndication. For example, you can “embed” each show easily into your WordPress sites; others can broadcast shows into their sites, too, in minutes. 
  4. You can set “keywords” for your shows that help with SEO and driving traffic to your show.  It’s amazing to see how many people find and listen to your show, even after doing it “live”.
  5. Recordings of the show are available instantly and automatically.
  6. There is prestige in having your own show. I can’t remember how many people said they were impressed that I have my own show.
  7. Shows are easy to promote. Click here for a clecklist of ways to promote before, during and after your show.
phil-johncock-blog-talk-radioTIPS FOR GETTING STARTED
My first experience with Blog Talk Radio was in June 2008.  I did 10 consecutive days of Blog Talk Radios called “How to Create WordPress Membership Sites.” I expanded to offer Twitter Tuesday shows, even an interview of my father’s amazing marathon experience at age 81.
Here are some tips for you to get started …
After you sign up, there are a lot of links on the site.* However, after some trial-and-error, I found myself relying on these 5 primary links time and time again:
1. Click on “Sign in” at top.
2. Click on “My Blog Talk Radio” link at the top.
3. Click on the “My Account” tab.
4. Click on “Add/Edit an episode” to do just that.
5. Click on “My switchboard” (when you are ready to go “live”).
*NOTE: These links may change in the future, but are accurate as of this post.
Click here for a checklist of items to get started.
Here are 4 tips I found particularly valuable …
TIP 1: Use Targeted Keywords
You can assign 5 keywords per show. I made the 1st 3 about the niche market. For example, I used these three keywords for the 10-show series:
WordPress membership plugin
WordPress membership site
WordPress membership site plugin
Then, for the remaining two, I chose my name and generic key word:
Phil Johncock
making money online
TIP 2: Create Intro and Exit Audios (with music & voice over)
Using GarageBand on my iMac, I created 15-second intro and 15-second exit audios. Then, in “My switchboard” on the Blog Talk Radio site, I uploaded the audio files. During the live show, I hit the play buttons for these files. It worked like a charm and sounded like a professional radio show!
TIP 3: Syndicate the Show
When you create a show, just click on the “Share” button to get the code to embed into your WordPress site. You can add this easily to posts, pages, even in your sidebar (and if you use the Thesis theme … in the space of your rotator image). You can even share the code with others so they can add it to their sites as well.
Here’s an example …
How to Create a Blog Talk Radio Show

In the episode below, you will learn …
  • How to create a Blog Talk Radio show, including pro’s/con’s,
  • 3 Tips for Maximizing Benefits of a Blog Talk Radio show,
  • How to Set Up a Show,
  • How to Promote Your Show (before, during & after), and
  • How to Manage Your Show.
You will also get tips for …
  • Interviewing guests and
  • Monetizing (making money with) your show.
TIP 4: Create a script for the beginning of the show (to make sure you don’t forget something), list of key questions (if you have a guest), and list of steps before, during and after the show.

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