Monday, June 18, 2012

Preview of the collection is the edited version of the blog tour highlights of 2012 & excerpts from Phantasy of the Opera by Jocelyn Shaw,the complete Italian Collection, some of Jocelyn Shaw's best poetry sentiments and cards. -

Voli ancora
se tutto che veda fosse il miei cielo ed eternity cominciasse a fondere i cieli
assenti non fosse a corto di promesse, se che cosa credessi potesse trasportarlo un altro giorno, a se che era breathless cammina ancora, una volta non era abbastanza, due volte non era la bellezza ancora una volta, se il cielo versasse e riempisse il mio vetro, la bellezza che tiene riparerebbe le nostre ale e voleremmo ancora

Fly  Again
If all that I see was my heaven and eternity began to melt away
Skies would not fall short of promises,  if what I believed could carry me another day,  a sould that was breathless walks again, once was not enough, twice was beauty all over again, if heaven poured and filled my glass, the beauty that it holds would mend our wings and we’d fly again

Phantasy Dell'Opera - The Top Twenty-Preview Edition
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Excerpts from the upcoming release:

Phantasy of the Opera (Fantasy/Poet's Society): Phantasy dell'opera (fantasia/società del Poet)
Authored by Jocelyn Shaw

ISBN-13: 978-1475174205 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1475174209

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