Friday, July 3, 2015


Every beginning should be as special as the life of the relationship.
Every brand has its impression from the beginning.
Every word is signature.
With our Signature brand, Say more than words.
Signature lines, signature paper.
Say it with flowers.
Say More, From the Beginning.
Our cards and design, Say More.
 “You never thought a rose could carry notes of signature lines, until you found beauty in a rose…this line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time”- Jocelyn Shaw

Trinkets of scented roses, thoughts of silk floral bouquets and scented bouquets of roses become the keepsakes, memoirs that last the lifetime of words and beauty

Signature lines laid down on a bed of roses gift forever between the lines
Lay the rose down with signature lines

“Say it with Flowers” campaign

Imagine the capture of silk roses, accented roses the beauty of a rose, forever held in place with signature lines that last a lifetime, never withering through time

A bouquet of words, never wither
This line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time
Signature lines from the magical garden of roses come alive just as the magic in black roses-
Say it with Flowers- Say it Forever

Pledging Beauty- Words behind the pledge- Say it with Flowers
(Rose Bush FR campaign)
Say it Now-eGallery, eDigital Expressions.
Your design by request. Coming Soon! Look for our website...

What's new in our product line?

...The Sun Never Sets On Beautiful- Jocelyn Shaw (latest releases collection by Jocelyn Shaw

Your Divine dinner hostess will indulge and compliment your taste with signature lines that say more...

The texture,
The taste,
The words
That say more than flowers ever could say on your bottle and table.
Share the poetry of the occasion with words that you want to say in not only words but more.
Wine tags and flower tags your guest will leave with.  The evening captured in the old cliche, "a message in a bottle" and a gift that will last beyond the moment
Unique, perfect, divine.
Signature lines and poetry by Sheila Jocelyn Shaw​


(french translation to link ON PARLE FRANÇAIS LABEL de WORD POÉSIE URLS JOCELYN "Poets Corner Déshabillé") Jocelyn Shaw's YouTube Channel

Hello from Jocelyn Shaw, poet, artist ( jocelyn-shaw-is-poet-of-the- 21st-century-F1A06C2001DD24C) Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw Promo Ad J-Ligne Sentiments J-Ligne Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw WITHOUT WORDS,WITHOUT GOODBYE  Jocelyn Shaw FLY AGAIN, SPANISH VERSION Vuele otra vez Quel u n'a jamais eu by Jocelyn Shaw, What U Never Had Ballon Rouge by Jocelyn Shaw Apart by Jocelyn Shaw Admiracion by Jocelyn Shaw L'admiration by Jocelyn Shaw L'magination, french version of Daydreaming by Jocelyn Shaw Shadow of A Kiss by Jocelyn Shaw- French Version After Sunset by Jocelyn Shaw Affairs of Time, A Call of Keeps by Jocelyn Shaw Herit-i by Jocelyn Shaw Fossille by Jocelyn Shaw BOOK PROMO TRAILER ARTOLOGY by Jocelyn Shaw PROMO ARTOLOGY BOOK PROMO by Jocelyn Shaw Manana by Jocelyn Shaw Indigene d' un autre monde/ Native of Another World by Jocelyn Shaw Fly Again by Jocelyn Shaw Present by Jocelyn Shaw Present by Jocelyn Shaw

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