Sunday, July 20, 2014

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When the end was without you If the day would never come Could you imagine the end Of this love affair, wouldn't wanna dream undone The strings of yesterday, then close me in your love, your arms, bind our love Forever, days that lay, weaving me in and across two desert stars, the day and nights If the day would never come Wouldn't want to pass the hours longing for love of yesterday without you When all that I could see depended on you In all that could come The most that would perrish Would be time without you Whenthe end was without you Couldn't turn the days pass and escape the hours Meant for two When the end of this affair was never meant to be without you Quand l'extrémité était sans toi si le jour ne viendrait jamais pourriez vous imaginer la fin de cette liaison amoureuse, ne voudriez pas au rêve défait les cordes d'hier, alors étroit je dans votre amour, vos bras, lie notre amour pour toujours, les jours qui s'étendent, me tissant dans et à travers deux le désert tie

The longest day too remember (Inspired by Feel No Pain artist Sade Adu) One day when you wake in your own way, fixed by the days, it won't be long before you remember, how it all came to be when a day lasted longer than what you thought you knew, when the dawn comes on the truth and still too many clouds in your eyes still standing in your days, all the days and now we know, when you want to forgive time dancing with you, too late to forgive days promised you, no understanding, no more waiting when the door knob turns on bed knobs and broomsticks, and you can't make it home, one day, it's too , too many rungs missing you, but what tomorrow has brung is too late, too late to forgive, when someday fixes you Jocelyn Shaw's YouTube Channel
Hello from Jocelyn Shaw, poet, artist ( jocelyn-shaw-is-poet-of-the-21st-century-F1A06C2001DD24C) Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw Promo Ad J-Ligne Sentiments J-Ligne Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw WORDS,WITHOUT GOODBYE Jocelyn Shaw FLY AGAIN, SPANISH VERSION Vuele otra vez Quel u n'a jamais eu by Jocelyn Shaw, What U Never Had Ballon Rouge by Jocelyn Shaw Apart by Jocelyn Shaw by Jocelyn Shaw'admiration by Jocelyn Shaw'magination, french version of Daydreaming by Jocelyn Shaw Shadow of A Kiss by Jocelyn Shaw- French Version After Sunset by Jocelyn Shaw Affairs of Time, A Call of Keeps by Jocelyn Shaw Herit-i by Jocelyn Shaw Fossille by Jocelyn Shaw BOOK PROMO TRAILER by Jocelyn Shaw PROMO ARTOLOGY BOOK PROMO by Jocelyn Shaw Manana by Jocelyn Shaw Indigene d' un autre monde/ Native of Another World by Jocelyn Shaw Fly Again by Jocelyn Shaw Present by Jocelyn Shaw Present by Jocelyn Shaw

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