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TOUR STOPS CONTINUE TO HIT THE BOOKS!!!!! JUNE-JULY DESTINATIONS & ARRIVALS BROUGHT US UP & OUT ON THE NATIONAL POETRY MAP (Site Author and Small Biz Development Specialist, Dr. Shaw, contact phone 727-451-9010)

(Fan Page Post & Site Author and Small Biz Development Specialist, Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, contact phone 813-474-6147)

The second half of our book tour celebrated our philanthropic efforts and introduction to many philanthropic communities IN THE BOOKSTORES!!!!!! (don't forget philanthropic communities love to give!!!!! & share POETIC THERAPY- LITERACY AND ART.

Women in philanthropy, business, and literacy campaigns celebrating technology, Kindle, Nook, ebooks, and the thrilling poetic language of our many poets including myself Jocelyn Shaw.

It's been a pleasurable introduction to get started out on the National Poetry Map, onward with the 2013 Book Tour, anticipation of the upcoming, trail blazing iMovie Book Trailer (Release date coming soon). The Poet's Corner turns back up North to our northern book sites and back out to California, Missouri with a few stops and headliners along the way. It's Ben Way Too Live! Okay let's get going and raise more money for our campaign!

Tour Stops continue on to these destination fans, we celebrate your support and look forward to a year of books, philanthropy and meetups- Spoken Word!!!!
Thanks Jocelyn Shaw

Subterranean Books

Beagle Books

: Invitation for the Rose Bush Fundraiser- FR business philanthropy invitation to support cause in Business Venture Capital Campaign, Poetry Therapy & Arts & Medicine... continues

Invitation for the Rose Bush Fundraiser- FR business philanthropy invitation to support cause in Business Venture Capital Campaign, Poetry Therapy & Arts & Medicine &

("Say it with Flowers" in our green movement)
Join us for our upcoming Rose Bush Fundraiser in support of Poetry in the Arts/Arts in Medicine

and our Green Campaign with Shaw Mobile Fitness and
Wellness Event Fair- Calling/Hiring Consultants Seminar Speakers

(similar campaigns -

Rose Bush Fundraiser- Paper Stock - We Are Green!!!

"Say it with Flowers" in our green movement literally means green in our eco-friendly card stock used to publish greeting cards and attract card buyers. The best sentiments said in the best way.

This is how the company is GREEN:
Offsite travel Offsite outsourcing which saves energy use,
Site Offset is GREEN!!!
In office recycling Organic materials
Organic lunches for employees
Green Transporters & Green shipping
"Ways to be green"

Green Marketing

Consider buying environmentally-friendly products that are:
  • Made from post-consumer, recycled materials
  • Bio-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Rated energy efficient, such as ENERGY STAR®
  • Renewable and recyclable
  • Produced locally, such as organic food that is grown in your area
Implement waste management procedures throughout your operation, including:
  • Use post-consumer, recycled products
  • Eliminate the use of excessive product packaging materials
  • Optimize the use of paper products
  • Participate in recycling programs, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WasteWise
Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, Ph.D/D.B.A
Educational Philanthropist/Poet/Author
Small Business Development Specialist

Charitable year end donations
National Association for Poetry Therapy

Arts in Medicine

May of 2013 took us around to some very inspiring philanthropic organizations “Doing Good!”  For exceptional causes while on tour.  Catch up and show your support when you shop our estores and share proceeds towards “Our Charity Pot’s Conversation” in 2013. 
Arts For Humanity
The Art of Living
Orange  Show  Center for Visionary Art
Foundation for Hospital Art!/pages/Foundation-for-Hospital-Art/168319417365
Art Council of Silicon Valley
The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Long Beach Art Museum
Palo Alto Art Center
The Ringling
The Foundation Photo/Art in Hospitals
Kolodzei Art Foundation
The Rosewell Museum and Art Center
Don’t forget want the 2012-2013 Tour brought to the lives of poets who want to share in Poetry Therapy and the arts sector, “Doing Good”, through our philanthropic arts campaigns, sharing the poetry with the masses! If you weren’t with us, here’s a recap of some of the virtual book tour stops and festival of words that were share across the country through our book trailers, book carnivals, book festivals and virtual campaigns to spread a lil’ POETRY!
·         Visit the authors estores and join us on our tour and events as we bring the best penmanship of Jocelyn Shaw to as many spots in our Poetry Kit as possible!
We're hitting the studio with our poetry label, book carnivals, book festivals, blogs and cooperative events.
Look for our charity auction event coming up in 2013 to bring poetry therapy abroad and back.
POETRY/VIDEOS BY JOCELYN SHAW (Fascine),eStore: (Artology),eStore: (Le secret admirent l'exclusivité
de Français) Jocelyn Shaw's
YouTube Channel
Hello from Jocelyn Shaw, poet, artist (
L'exposition …de la couture …des mesures, Watch it on YouTube: gdata
Styles Multimedia Productions, Design, & Publishing Innovative Soluting in producing and publishing, 2Fwatch%3Fv%3DSJX0Kxf7rB0, listing 2041528042
J-Ligne Sentiments By Jocelyn Shaw, J-Ligne Sentiments
English/French By Jocelyn Shaw, Sentiments by Jocelyn Shaw, g9tJcP0x6lM,, STYLES MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS, DESIGN & PUBLISHING
Poetry by Jocelyn Shaw; g9tJcP0x6lM POETRY THERAPY PRACTICED FOR 200 YEARS Charity Highlight for November of 2012- extending our Poetry Therapy to Charitable Causes
We are highlighting two charitable organization this
year in our Arts in Medicine campaign and Poetry Therapy:
Charity Greetings & National Association for Poetry Therapy ( foundation.html),
( foundation.contribute.html)
http:// jocelynisaninternational. archive.html
featured charity foundation on blogspot!!!!
CELEBRATE YOUR LOVED ONES WITH A GIFT OF POETRY!Trying to find the right gift for a birthday, graduation, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, retirement or
other celebration? Giving the NAPT Foundation a contribution in honor of the person you're celebrating is a fabulous way to honor the recipient and poetry in the world today. Say Happy Birthday, Mazel Tov, Congratulations, or even I'm Thinking of You with a gift of poetry.
REMEMBER YOUR LOVED ONE WITH A CONTRIBUTION TO THE NAPT FOUNDATIONOne way to honor a loved one who had a special connection with poetry and healing, and do something meaningful in his/her memory, is to contribute to the NAPT Foundation. Such a gift adds to your loved one's legacy, supporting the power of poetry to bring healing, growth and transformation.
http://www.charitygreetings. ca/
Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw
Subject: POETRY THERAPY; Visit the artist Jocelyn Shaw's blog and Youtube channel
Cheers to this year!!
We're adding last year's tour stops and many more to sell books, cards, cds,&more cooperative ventures!!!
Last year's tour included the popular stops such as the Midwest Bookseller's association, Book Expo America, many book seller associations, carnivals & festivals that sparked an appearance for Jocelyn Shaw!!!
Border's Book Festival
Philadelphia's Book Festival
New England Indepent Booksellers
Book Expo America
The Urban Bookshelf
Baltimore Book Festival


BBB Wise Giving Alliance The Council of Better Business Bureaus’ Foundation 4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 800 Arlington, VA 22203-1804 Telephone: (800) 575-GIVE and

Searchable database of charities nationwide and guides for reading IRS Form 990.
Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, Inc.
Guide for reading IRS Form 990
Independent Giving Sector

Volunteer Management Resource Center |
Links to: Current research, best practices, tools, professional development, support networks, and how-to information.
Volunteering in America
Access volunteering trends, statistics, tools, resources, and information for the nation, U.S. regions, states, and major cities. See also how states and cities rank on different factors related to volunteering. Learn about efforts to mobilize more volunteers.
A comprehensive library of resources and effective paractices on volunteering and volunteer management.

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