Thursday, June 13, 2013

... endearment lingers after the word...

sample greeting card 

This is the Night after the Day
and all that come to mind is you
reasons only left to stand alone
say nothing more
only listen to the reasons I bring and you'll find endearment lingers after the words, so fine
not a movement that doesn't adhere to my heart 
awaiting the love
you're the reason I bring the words even if they were of the last breathe to gesture 
of lines and words of measure into the next night after the day and all that comes to mind 
standing alone from all other 
into endearment 
that will not depart
the sun of the day 
the moon of the night 
and all of its rays
all of the orbits that Saturn could hold, could not turn away


wine from the winery
is no longer cold
after fine dining
new money is still old
but spins the same
with the toss of a coin
heads or tails
ups and downs
the spoils of ripe fruit
fine wine tip toed
footprints no longer cold
head to tail
blood red
still dining on old money
still spinning
heads a twirl
drunken intoxication from
wine from the winery
no longer cold
silver bubbled over
spills from the vein of the tap
foliage winter deep
wine barrels and press, rot in the center
vines echoed by ink
twist up the wall
of the cellar’s ghost

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 2013- Jocelyn Shaw

Until Beauty Exists No More (New Release- Jocelyn Shaw- Tour Exclusive!)

until beautiful exists no more
I'd never have to wait until heaven fell upon me and each day I'd face another beautiful day each time we embrace
longer shadows of the day forget the passage of time and endless becomes your beauty, the turn of dreams weigh down the pages of memories and I see into our future that until beauty exists no more, I'd lay the pages down as your beauty embraces a whisper to fall upon me

if all that I see was my heaven and eternity began to melt away, skies would not fall short of promises
if what I believed carred me another day
A soul that was breathless walks again
once was not enough
twice was beauty all over again
if heaven poured
it all filled my glass
the beauty that it holds would mend our wings and we'd fly again

“You never thought a rose could carry notes of signature lines, until you found beauty in a rose…this line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time”- Jocelyn Shaw

Trinkets of scented roses, thoughts of silk floral bouquets and scented bouquets of roses become the keepsakes, memoirs that last the lifetime of words and beauty

Signature lines laid down on a bed of roses gift forever between the lines
Lay the rose down with signature lines

“Say it with Flowers” campaign

Imagine the capture of silk roses, accented roses the beauty of a rose, forever held in place with signature lines that last a lifetime, never withering through time

A bouquet of words, never wither
This line was written on roses and lasts the beauty of time
Signature lines from the magical garden of roses come alive just as the magic in black roses-
Say it with Flowers- Say it Forever

Pledging Beauty- Words behind the pledge- Say it with Flowers
(Rose Bush FR campaign)

إلى أن جميلة يتواجد [نو مور]
 أنا أبدا اضطرّ انتظرت إلى أن سماء [فلّ] على ي وكلّ يوم أنا واجهت آخر يوم جميلة [إش تيم] نحن نعتنق
 [شوووس] طويلة من اليوم ينسى الممر الوقت ولانهائيّة يصبح جمالك, الدورة الحلم يزن نزولا إلى الصفحات الذاكرات وأنا أرى داخل مستقبلنا أنّ إلى أن جمال يتواجد [نو مور], أنا كذبت الصفحات إلى أسفل بما أنّ جمالك يعتنق همس أن يسقط على ي

 إن كلّ أنّ أنا أرى كان ي سماء وأبديّ بدأ أن يذوب بعيدا, سماوات لم [فلّ شورت] من وعود
 إن ماذا أنا صدقت [كرّد] ي آخر يوم
 [ا] روح أنّ كان عديم النفس يمشي ثانية
 مرّة [ب] لم كافي
مرّتين كان جمال ثانية
 إن سماء صبّ
 هو كلّ يملأ زجاجي
الجمال أنّ هو يمسك صلح أجنحتنا وطار نحن ثانية

Jusqu'à la beauté existe pas plus

jusqu'à ce que beau existe pas plus
 je ne devrais jamais attendre jusqu'à ce que le ciel soit tombé sur moi et chaque jour je ferais face à un autre beau jour chaque fois que nous embrassons
 de plus longs shawows du jour oublions le passage du temps et le sans fin devient votre beauté, le tour des rêves pèse en bas des pages des mémoires et je vois dans notre futur que jusqu'à ce que la beauté n'existe pas plus, j'étendrais les pages vers le bas comme votre beauté embrasse un chuchotement pour tomber sur moi

 si tout ce que je vois était mon ciel et éternité commençait à fondre, cieux ne ferait pas défaut aux promesses
 si ce que j'ai cru que carred j'une autre âme
 du jour A qui était essoufflé marche encore
 n'était pas par le passé assez
était deux fois la beauté encore une fois
 si le ciel la versait
 tout rempli mon verre
la beauté qu'il tient réparerait nos ailes et nous volerions encore

fino a che bello non esista non di più
 mai non dovrei attendere fino a che il cielo non sia caduto su me ed ogni giorno abbia affrontato un altro giorno bello ogni volta abbracciamo
 gli shawows più lunghi del giorno ci dimentichiamo il passaggio di tempo e l'infinito si trasforma in nella vostra bellezza, la girata dei sogni peso giù le pagine delle memorie e vedo nel nostro futuro che fino a che la bellezza non esista non di più, porrei le pagine giù come la vostra bellezza abbraccia un bisbiglio per cadere su me

 se tutto che veda fosse il miei cielo ed eternity cominciasse a fondersi, cieli non sarebbe a corto di promesse
 se che cosa credessi che incatramato me un'altra anima
 di giorno A che era breathless cammina ancora
 non era una volta abbastanza
era due volte la bellezza ancora una volta
 se il cielo la versasse
 tutto riempito il mio vetro
la bellezza che tiene riparerebbe le nostre ale e che voleremmo ancora

hasta que es hermoso existo
 nunca tendría que no más esperar hasta que el cielo bajó sobre mí y cada día haría frente a otro día hermoso que abrazamos cada vez
 shawows más largos del día nos olvidamos el paso del tiempo y el sin fin se convierte en su belleza, la vuelta de sueños peso abajo de las páginas de memorias y veo en nuestro futuro que hasta que existe la belleza no más, pondría las páginas abajo como su belleza abraza un susurro para bajar sobre mí

 si toda que veo fuera mi cielo y eternidad comenzara a derretir lejos, cielos no faltaría las promesas
 si qué creí que carred yo otra alma
 del día A que era sin aliento camina otra vez
 no era una vez bastante
estaba dos veces la belleza de nuevo
 si el cielo la vertiera
 todo el llenado mi cristal
la belleza que sostiene repararía nuestras alas y volaríamos otra vez